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Started by bordachar, February 07, 2023, 04:18:11 PM

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Thanks for accepting my proposal adding O gauge Hornby, i am collecting some more data to help

I found an issue in VB HO track library :

Item 81 end 86 radius is wrong, it is the same radius and angle as 87 (short curve)

85 + 86 = 80 + 81 = 87
77 + 86 + 89 + 81 + 77 = 2 x 87

VB Réseau en 8 - 32.png

best regards


Would you have a source for this?

Back in 2013, we've worked with someone who knows a lot about this track system to get it right, and the current definitions seem to match the true items according to their measurements.

In any case, the track plan you show needs to make use of the wiggle room (play) in the track to connect everything, as the angles to the crossing don't work out (they're 2.8125 degrees off from each of leg of the crossing). So chances are this fits perfectly in the real world, while the gaps only show in an accurate computer program.

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