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Missing new Walthers HO Code 83 Wyes

Started by TrainzLuvr, February 18, 2023, 11:56:15 PM

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Could we please add the new Walthers Code 83 #3 and #4 Wyes (948-83033 and 948-83034) to AR?

Not sure if they are planning on adding #2, #2.5 and #5, that used to be in the Shinohara line before.
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Of course we'd love to add these, but we've not been able to get the exact measurements so far.
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The Wyes are not shown as templates on their website, either.  I contacted Walthers about this a while back and got no response.  I'll try again Monday.

I'm supposed to have several of the actual #4 Wyes delivered to me today.


It appears Walthers has new curved turnouts as well now.
Website: Trains Luvr
YouTube channel: Trainz Luvr