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Printing grid (or sub-grid)

Started by true911, April 01, 2023, 08:13:20 PM

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Hi, this maybe isn't a problem, but I didn't see a "how to" forum, so...

When I'm working with my track plan I have a 1" grid showing on the screen within the 1' darker grid.  When I go to print, I lose the 1 inch grid, and I only have the 1 foot grid remaining in the background.  I've gone through the print setups and can't find this myself, but I feel sure it must be possible to print with the smaller grid activated.  Thanks for your help!


The 'snap to' grid is not printed. It's only there to snap surface or line points to.
David Hoogvorst. Founder and Owner of DRail Software. Creator of AnyRail.


It's perhaps worth adding that both grids are configured under the settings tab, not under the  Print options (if the OP is still looking for it).  So a one inch grid is possible if required, or any other scale, and the visual grid can be set to be in front of everything else or behind when printed (by selecting the Background box). 


Thanks, I found the Background setting and changed it, but it had no effect on the printout.


The background grid is hidden behind areas of solid colour, such as surfaces (if no transparency is enabled) and some other line-work within AnyRail.  You do need to look closely to see the difference unless you have such areas in your layout.  Attached are two clips from a couple of prints, the grid disappears behind the green contoured area in one of them, because that has no transparency.  It also disappears (but it is harder to notice) behind other linework such as track.