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1:1 printing only pages with track

Started by Georgia, May 31, 2023, 02:59:15 AM

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I have created a layout that's in a roughly 20'x18' room but most of the space doesn't have track.  Track only runs  around the edges of the room plus a center isle.  Is there a way to print only the pages that have track while skipping blank pages?  I'm estimating that of the aproximately 900 pages Anyrail wants to print only about 30% actually have track on them. Due to some complex curves I would like to print at full size.  That is 1:1.
Thanks for any suggestions


You could try printing into a PDF then deleting the pages without the track.

AR is not really intuitive or user friendly when it comes to printing the plan 1:1.
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There is a checkbox that says "Suppress empty pages", so if you set up your plan to show only track and tick that box, you should get what you want.

I use lots of layers in my plans; track usually goes in only three of them (three controllers, three layers). You can also save on your colour cartridge by selecting in the top ribbon not to show sections, which removes all the colour.

Hope this helps

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there is a company called that will print 1:1 full size prints on a large format printer that will probably cut your 900+ pages down to 9 or 10 panels (rolls) of 24" or 36" cad paper right from your anyrail file and ship them to you.