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Making sloping Roads(Surfaces??)

Started by kiwi42, May 24, 2023, 05:20:04 PM

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Looking an OPEN CUT QUARRY, the start of the in road will be at ZERO ft, then going down hill to perhaps 10-15 ft on the outer edge of the Quarry to the bottom level.

------                                                                   ------
        \                                                                 /
          \____                                                 ____/
                 \                                              /
                  \ ____                              ____/
                          \                           /
hope this shows up right, even though both side are even, somewhere they meet going down


Part 2
grey color is the walls of the down road, the Orange is the Road, if able to get the start at ground level( Hill level, +240mm, then driving down one side to bottom.

The Blue Surface is the Baseboard (900mm), refinement may follow if able to get Roads to show in 3D, like Round Corners


My Attempt at trying to show a OPEN CUT MINE or QUARRY, to me has failed, however I have managed to be in HO SCALE and have used G gauge Track (?? as a ROAD down this imaginary Quarry, to show up as a SLOPING ROAD DOWN in to the bottom of a Quarry).

ADMIN - Please feel free to delete this, to save other LOOKERs wasting there time, with 170 being in to look but no answer.

ADMIN - we have the INCLINES for the TRACKS - up or down, I wonder if there could be use of SURFACES with one end at a level and the other end at a different level.

I will continue using this program, for my Layout/s and of late teaching High School Students as much as I know, in a Mentoring Group.


Indeed, it is not possible to make this work in the 3D view.
Surfaces are always flat.
The reason is explained here:,4068.msg25701.html#msg25701
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