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Can I create measurement lines

Started by mickey, May 19, 2023, 05:30:21 PM

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I would like to create measurement lines something like what house CAD programs offer.  I want to be able to mark measurements for plywood, walk ways, etc.  Something like this  <---- 4' ----->.  Next is there a way to create curved lines which would be plywood curves.


Figured it out but wish in could be in feet and inches as I am in G scale.


FILE \ settings  \ Measurement \ inches

right click and SURFACES



Insert, add ruler?


Nick the Cabin Boy

When you consider how many scales there are available, there are not many that implicate measurement in feet, so perhaps a compromise on your part is in order.

Create a ruler line in the usual way, showing the measurement in inches.
Note the co-ordinates of the end points (best if line is horizontal)
Draw a line from each x position towards the centre, but not meeting, and put an arrow on the outer end.
In the space in the middle, add text showing the measurement in feet (and inches).
Line up the text, then Group the three components.
Delete original ruler line.
Arrow-move the new line to its new position, where the ruler line was.

It's a bit of work, but you can do it now, rather than wait for David to add it to his lengthy to-do list.

You can make new lines by copying and pasting, then ungroup and adjust, then Group.

Just my 20c worth!

Nick the Cabin Boy
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