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How to expand the Fleischman Picolo 9110 to it's desired size?

Started by hvdkooij, June 04, 2023, 02:56:38 PM

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How can I expand the Fleischman Picolo 9110 to it's desired size?

The current model has it fixed to 83 mm which is it's shortest size. But it can expand to 111 mm.
But I found no way to adjust the size of the part while making a drawing. (I guess most would start with 111m and try to shorten it as needed to fix the gap on the other side of the design.)

As an exercise I was trying to draw in Anyrail but the expansion issue is a pain as the layout uses 4 of them in the outside track of the design of that track.

Any suggestions on how to handle this?


Interesting layout...
At first look, the two 9110's at the bottom are not needed. Two 9101's will do.
For the other 9110's:
The 9110 has a fixed end and a movable end. The movable end shows an extra + , click on it and you can move it by hand.
The easiest is when you have both track parts already in position, then attach the 9110 with its non-movable end to the track and then move the other end to the other track end where it will connect automatically.

Did you already try moving track parts to a certain position? Click on any connection or end point, and you see its position in the top menu bar. You can change that position. That way you can line up different parts of tracks that are not connected yet (give x or y the same value).

Groet, Victor


OK so I tried the layout myself... it turns out you do need one 9110 at the bottom of the ring, otherwise the gap in the top part is too long  :)

On a 1400x700 mm layout I postioned the "9122" end on X 970 / Y 60 mm.
The position of the other end (9127) is then X 1371,12 / Y 418,23 mm. See picture 1.

The I aligned the loose part of the ring. See picture 2. The gap in the top part is longer than 111 mm, so a 9110 won't fit.

Picture 3: I fit in a 9101 instead, moved the right part of the ring to close the gap and moved the 9110 to the bottom part of the ring.

Picture 4: all connected.

Noch 59870 Staufen - 1.jpg

Noch 59870 Staufen - 2.jpg

Noch 59870 Staufen - 3.jpg

Noch 59870 Staufen - 4.jpg   


Check. I see now that you extend it as needed if you hover the mouse on the right spot. It is a bit easy to miss.


Hi VictorPm and hvdkooij,
I have 2 collections that I purchased about 13 years apart and very co-incidentally they both included a Noch Staufen layout. One is my main layout and is working well although will need some maintenance soon. I removed all the track from the second one and was thinking of trying Tomix track as I probably already have enough track to do the job. I started doing the Staufen drawing in Anyrail with Piccolo track so that I could print it out and see if my Tomix track could be superimposed. As I was having similar trouble with the expansion issue so I thought I would check to see if anyone else had tried this and came across this forum topic. Sorry for the long intro.
hvdkooij did you finally finish your Staufen drawing in Anyrail? If so, is there any chance of you posting a copy of the file?
Lastly, any suggestions on my idea of using Tomix track on the Staufen layout?


I haven't drawn that layout. But I managed to create another layout using the 9110 parts to get loops working. Once you understand the trick is isn't hard to do. I found the detailed description very, very useful.

But it makes no sense to use my model using Fleischmann picolo if you need to build it with another vendor's tracks.