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Colorizing the Tracks

Started by kiwi42, July 22, 2023, 03:07:08 AM

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Is there a way to use different colors on the track without having UNSPECIFIED or other words added, I wonder if there could be a TICK BOX added if you wish to have them added.
Thanks Kiwi42

Nick the Cabin Boy

In the Show Ribbon, you can tick/untick showing the section names or use. Not showing the sections at all removes the colour.

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HI Nick,
Thanks for your reply



I have tried this and found in the BLUE TAB on the left a link to INFO which shows you 3 lists, one being for SECTIONS, but this LIST needs NAMES for every one.
I tried but had too much on the SCREEN ALREADY, I do not THINK, LAYERS / 000.999 SECTION, will hide the NAMES.

more later perhaps