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ADD POINTS is easy, but moving seems to be a problem, even with the X and Y

Started by kiwi42, August 11, 2023, 04:20:19 AM

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While I have a Helix in AR, I am wondering if there is an EASY WAY to move these POINTs, even at 1:1 and the use of the X and Y.

I have used another program to get me the lengths and number of each Section, transferring this to AR, I require 5 sections at one end and 4 at the other, the 5 will be the same, (having one to copy for the 5) as for the 4 they will be shorter length, ( same here make one and copy for the 4).

I did get 2 circles with the aid of SURFACES, having one inside the other creating the Base Board shape of the Helix.
The outer Circle is in one color, as for the inner circle is white, and on top of the outer.

now that I have placed some surfaces to represent the Section, I have used 1:1 to bring it up close to move the POINTS, but the seem to have a MIND OF THEIR OWN, so it was a task to remember the X and Y numbers with the mouse hovering over and moving to where I would like them to be.

I am wondering if there may be an easier way

THANKS for your time


I'm not completely sure what you mean, but if you click on a point, you can set its x and y coordinates. Then, there are two options: just move this point, or move the whole surface along with it. Perhaps that's where the confusion comes from?
David Hoogvorst. Founder and Owner of DRail Software. Creator of AnyRail.


Thanks for your reply,

there is Blue or yellow and Purple(Surfaces) that need to have MORE POINTS around to have a SMOOTHER Edges, the same shape of the GREEN.

I only need 1 of 5 on the left, 1 of 4 on the right, a top curve and bottom Straight and copy and paste.

On the RIGHT SIDE is a SHEET OF PLY that will have all the Sections, 1 Sheet of ply per LEVEL x6.

I believe having more POINTs around the edges will produce a smoother edge


Hi Kiwi!

It's much easier to let AnyRail create a nice curve for you.
Just use one point per side, and set these to 'Round corner' (select and tick 'Round corner' on the SURFACES tab).

See the attached picture that hopefully clarifies it.

David Hoogvorst. Founder and Owner of DRail Software. Creator of AnyRail.



I have managed to be able to something, however after having the ends squared off, they are still with a round Corner, so I added and POINT nearby and slid that to where the end is square, however with only one other POINT in between,
2 things happen,

1. the curve is not the shape of the GREEN, so I have added 1 or 2 extra POINTs and spread them equal and got something close to the GREEN.

2. When I got to move the POINT to where I think is should go, it has a mind of its own, once I take the mouse off the POINT, to where I believe is it is meant to be it moves elsewhere, nearby, so I now need to COPY THE X/Y numbers down after I have moved the POINT to where it should go.

3. yes, I did say 2 but also found in SETTINGS/line/surfaces ticked so I have untick this and it looks a lot better.
so now I have MOVE POINT ticked, ROUND CORNER ticked, and in SETTING (line/surfaces) unticked.

4. there will be the BLACK LINE underneath level one, but from the start to the finish there will not be enough Space in between, so it might be Cut off(60mm) some of R2 and R3 to allow the R4 to move away from the BLUE wall until it comes out of the underneath around 11.00 o'clock, wanting to have the FRONTs(more seen) of the Levels 1 to 6 Horizontal


Had a fruitful day, not quite the way explained, will now do a printout of all sections and see how close it will fit
Thanks for your time


Reading the 'mind of its own' remark, I think you have 'snap to grid' switched on. This causes control points to move to the nearest grid coordinate.
This option can be found on the SETTINGS tab. On the far right, in the 'Behavior' group, untick 'Snap to grid'.
David Hoogvorst. Founder and Owner of DRail Software. Creator of AnyRail.


Yes indeed, one I did find earlier, but forgot to mention.

1-5 nearly the same, as 1-4, so I might still print and see how it looks, everything fits in a 2400x 1200, so x6 levels sometime.