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Restarter railroad modelling

Started by Oscar Konijn, September 26, 2023, 09:38:54 PM

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Oscar Konijn

Hello Everybody,

My name is Oscar Konijn from Woubrugge Netherlands. I am 56 jears young and a restarter in this hobby. I have N-scale rail and trains.
My goal is to start with a digital controled track. Not to big to start with. I wanna use the Dynamo system powered by I-train software .
The dynamo system gives me the opportunity to ride with analog and digital controled locomotives at the same time.

I hope to find help here in questions i have and maybe can give  some  help to others.

greets from Oscar


Kudos for jumping back into the hobby. My only observation is that I have heard that DC locomotives can run quite hot on a DCC powered layout unless they are continuously moving, or parked in a non-powered section of the layout.  I have a couple of early Kato n scale E8's that I upgraded to DCC for just this reason.
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