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Beginner question: Getting ends of a loop to connect!

Started by keiron99, December 08, 2023, 07:39:01 PM

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I've been messing with Anyrail for a few days now but cannot master one of the basics.

I am trying to create a basic "loop" on an L shaped worktop. However, for the life of me, I cannot find any combination of track in the Kato Unitrack library that allows me to make the ends meet.

Is there a technique for doing this other than trial and error with an almost infinite number of combinations?

I was rather hoping that Anyrail would be able to calculate for me what parts are needed to form a connection - please someone tell me that's a feature somewhere that I have not been able to find?! Without it, I can see this job is going to be rather more challenging than I had imagined it would be!


AnyRail does not have an option for that. We've done some experiments with it, but it results too often in many short bits, or no solution at all.
In many cases, the gap can only be closed by inserting or removing track elsewhere, or replacing curves with other curves with another radius.

For Unitrack, you really need to study the geometry as intended by the manufacturer.
If it is N scale, please look here:

For H0 scale, there is some more information here:

Of course, for N scale, you can always use flex track to close gaps.

Finally, you might want to know a little bit more on creating imperfect connections, at a slight angle or a tiny gap, to force the track into position to close a gap:

and here:

David Hoogvorst. Founder and Owner of DRail Software. Creator of AnyRail.

The Track Planner

In N scale, Kato has an extendable track (20050 (S78S)) section that expands from 3 5/64" to 4 1/4". This expandable section can be used to "fill" gaps when trying to close loops or fill in a section and there is not a section that is the exact length you need.

My experience has been you still need to do a lot of experimenting with pieces before you come up with the right combination. David is right when he states you can end up with lots of short piece's before you get every thing to fit together.

Hope that helps, 



If I understand correctly and you want it to be a kind of dog bone (in N gauge), you can have one (if using short switches) or two (if using long switches) 33mm Unitrack straight tracks in the middle of the sweeping curve, then it should work out.

Alternatively, you can try the Y-switch from Kato.

Greetings Andreas