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Questions concerning ho scale tracks and switches and what you use.

Started by Dragonslayer59, January 15, 2024, 09:29:47 AM

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Hello all fellow modelers, I'm looking for advice pertaining to track code and switches and what you think is the best according to the topic question.
A little background about my layouts; I've now built 2 layouts in the past and have used code 100 track and switching and have had some problems, but now I'm in the process of building my forever layout. I've read multiple articles about the two codes of track/switches I thought I'd get my fellow hobbyists take on your preferences of track and switches.
Please tell what your using and why and some of the issue's you've encountered along the way, also if you'd be so kind to include manufacturer you like and why.
The information you provide will be greatly appreciated.
Best regards


Dragonslayer, Hello, not sure this will help but here are my thoughts and experiences. I'm also ready for my forever layout. Just moved from California to Louisiana. We are almost neighbors. I prefer the looks of the code 83 rail. To my eye it looks more realistic. As for function I can't say one is more reliable than the other in my experience. I will be hand laying track and switches/turnouts using code 83 Micro Engineering rail and turnouts made using Fast Track jigs. Engines and rolling stock go through these Sooo smooth. In the past I was using Micro Engineering flex track and Shinohara turnouts. Overall the turnouts were fine. I did have issues with a few turnouts but after examination and reinstall fixed the problem. Then a couple were layout design issues. So both issues with the turnouts were user error. So with good track planning and good execution you can have a dependable forever layout.
Good Luck