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Started by LDL, January 22, 2024, 01:24:54 AM

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I'd like to be able to toggle groups of layers on or off.  For example, I have a topography layer for each elevation increment.  I'd like to have a Topo Group or Topo Collection I could hide or show. 


We are considering the idea of creating 'views'. A 'view' would be combination of settings and layers (for instance, heights and part numbers visible, only layer 1 and 2).

However, this would perhaps make things a bit complicated for beginners. We should find a balance between the learning curve and the functionality.
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Perhaps it might be possible to compartmentalise some of the more advanced functions such as this, and be able to switch them on/off. That way, those less experienced could work their way up to them.

At this stage, I would be happy just to have the functionality that LDL has suggested.

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It would really be nice if the layers can be nested like the windows explorer folder list, that would make it very easy to turn on or off a folder and all of its contents and subfolders


I completely agree with LDL. Nesting layers/sub-layers etc as in a tree hierarchy, similar to a table of contents, would be invaluable.