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Shelf layout around my office - importing base plan

Started by daviesapn, January 22, 2024, 12:00:27 PM

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Oh I need to make a couple changes.  Didn't want any turnouts where you will have the lift out for your AC unit.


This version clears the AC for a Straight double track at the lift out.  I like the Industry better in the upper lest on this also.


Made a few last adjustments.  Now do you see any areas you wish were different?
All the track highlighted in gold are the flex track.  Much of that you could replace with the 510's where they are straight if you wanted to.  Most of the flex sections there is little to no radius on them.


I love it!  Looks fabulous to me.

I'm going to do this bit by bit so I have a bit of a way to go before I start laying track.

My carpenter is mocking up a short section of the shelf so I can check it works with cabling / sizing etc. I'm then away with work for a while. But I'll keep you updated for sure. really can't thank you enough!

I am planning / thinking of using Peco code 100 track. I know code 100 is the height of the rail, but I'm not entirely sure what the advantage of one over the other is. If is is just aesthetics - then I am not too worried as you wouldn't be able to see the track anyway.

One thing I learned today was that spacing between tracks can be as close as 51mm. I thought it was 67mm. Would you agree?


Sounds good, take it step by step to be sure it works out.

As for the code 100 over code 83, code 83 to me looks more to scale but as you say its a shelf layout so you won't really notice the difference.

As for the track spacing center to center depends on the turnouts you use, radius of your curves and maximum length of engines and rolling stock going around the turns (2 Trains side by side in the curves) .  Maybe also your carpenter can mock up a radius for a corner section to see how close track can be to the wall for your train can enter and exit the curves without brushing against the wall.  Just in case you need to increase the radius of shelf corners.  Track spacing on the straight sections is not an issue.

I will see how close I can make this plan with Peco and the use of flex track mainly long straight sections.


This is all Peco Streamline Turnouts and Peco Setrack code 100 curve, straight and flex track. 



If anyone would like to see - my carpenter Denny dropped off a short sample of the shelf he is building - just so I can try it out and check it. Here are some photos

Sample shelf photos


I am curious after reading through this thread... I think I understand that this is in an office and space is premium, but why would you want to put this layout 6.5 feet above the floor? Who is going to be able to see it operate?


Well good question

It crosses over the entrance door so needs to be above head height.

You won't get a good view, but I am confident I'll be able to see trains going past from the other side of the office.

 No other option really. Maybe I am mad but hey! It helps that I am quite tall. I was inspired by a similar layout - above head height - in a coffee shop in Northallerton, Nort Yorkshire.

Was about to post another question actually.

My carpenter is currently making the shelves and I am on holiday in Spain, so I have been thinking about how to control the trains.

I'd like to control it from a PC / Mac and eventually just set it up to run. It's essentially quite a simple layout and I would have initially just one train running - but would add a second later.

I'd like to have motorised points and proper working signals.

My thought was to pop a headless PC (intel Nuc?) or Mac Mini in a small server cabinet which is in an ideal location to run cables to the track. I would then use VNC to connect to it.  Id hope to be able to operate trains with an iPad too.

I'd rather this than buy a dedicated hand held controller.

I am assuming there'd be a box connected to the PC / Mac via USB which then provides the power and DCC signals to the track. I've been looking at iTrain which looks just the ticket.

Does anyone have any recommendations?  I'm quite geeky so like the idea of a challenge.



I control my layout via the ESU ECoS command station, and also via my iPad with a RealVNC hookup, as my staging yard is about 12' over my right shoulder. It is all Kato n scale with Digitrax DS52's to control turnouts. The entire layout is viewable on the ECoS screen and the iPad. I picked up a generic Apple pencil on Amazon to give me finer control (vs my fat fingers) over speed and such when using the iPad.

As for the office access, have you considered a hinged bridge across the doorway? I have seen many YT videos and forum posts on that very subject. Might provide you a slightly less elegant but much more practical solution to your dilemma (or is it dilemna  :-\ ).