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AnyRail to interface with z21 ROCO or iTrain Software

Started by Fuzzy49, January 17, 2024, 04:11:38 PM

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AnyRail is a wonderful track designing layout program and I love it. Easy to use, once you work with it for a while. The way AnyRail operates is phenomenal, it does all the right things that one would need to create a Layout. l Love it.

BUT it would be a REALLY NICE PROGRAM if it would interface with a track control program like iTrain or ROCO z21 software.
The time spent in AnyRail to create a Track Layout can be substantial. And I might add that the Layout looks beautiful when completed and one can always add or remove items as one sees fit.

I really would be willing to pay more for AnyRail if it could do that.

Is there some suggestions as to how to transport the Layout from AnyRail into a Track Control program like ROCO z21 or iTrain?

Please let me know if there is and how to do it.
Thank you


I've casually discussed that a while ago with the owner of iTrain, but not seriously enough.

We of course have an export to JMRI. That was possible because their format is fully documented and their kind help. For the other programs you mention, it's probably a closed format.

We have once thought of the indea to define our own documented external format, so other software could interface with that. However, these plans are not concrete enough and of course requires some discussion with other parties.
David Hoogvorst. Founder and Owner of DRail Software. Creator of AnyRail.


Hi David thanks for your response...

What is this export to DMRI you speak about?


Fuzzy49, JMRI is several open source programs very useful for your model railroad. Example Decoder Pro helps you program your locomotives and keeps a detailed roster. Panel Pro is one of the programs I believe is where your layout will be imported to. is the main page and has a lot of info there. I have not used this I have no layout yet. In the works so hopefully soon I will be looking into this. I have used Decoder Pro, works well.