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Started by graybeard, March 27, 2024, 05:21:48 AM

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just got in, and it is my first ever forum. MY name is Garrett I am getting back into HO after a long time gone, I am limited to a 4x8 space, with plans to build a freelance three track all steam (1920/1930) DC layout. I have been working with anyrail 6.55 for about two months now, enjoying many hours working on the design of my small layout. I would be happy to share this with any and all if you are interested.


By all means post the anyrail or .jpg file here. Welcome!
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thanks for the reply,  I'll try to get my current plan posted.


ok everyone how do I get my track plan jpeg into a post? help please graybeard


If you use the 'Reply' button (instead of the 'Quick Reply' window), you can add attachments to your post.
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This is my layout, I still need to add lots of trees and buildings. I like to run my trains without a lot of switching.  this is a DC train that can run from the outside main line onto the station line then up to the hilltop line. there are four reversing loops on the station line and crossover but the program only sees one. the small single line is for a trolly that runs from an over the line station through a small town and has it's own engine house. I plan to stage on the main line and keep my rolling stock under the base.Wiltherhilltop5.jpg  Wiltherhilltop5_3D1257.jpg