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So I had a crazy idea...

Started by Gunzel73, March 28, 2024, 01:20:01 PM

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I've uploaded two ten-lever McKenzie and Holland mechanical interlocking machines to the server, one showing a tappet machine with support brackets but no locking troughs because that would depend on the specific requirements; and one of a cam and solider (rocker) machine with shafts at 3½" centres based on the diagram in the picture attached; I don't actually have one of these available to measure.

Note the central floorplates are 5" wide, but the end floorplates are 5½" wide, so you can't put two 10-lever frames next to each other to build a 20 lever frame.


I wonder if a future version of Anyrail could incorporate the former SigScribe4 system for generating interlockings, and from that, create working animations of the mechanical locking elements?