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three layered plans with 2 loops.

Started by Hinerakatauri1979, June 30, 2024, 08:48:05 PM

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I was working on another plan and decided it was too complex. So, I made a new one.  I know there are some places where the rails are not connected. I still think when building it I will manage to connect it or find better solutions.

What are your thoughts on this plan? 

I am still thinking about creating a place to store trains, just not sure I will drive in and out of them.

It's years ago, I played with my trains, I used to play together with my grandpa, but when he started not being able to build stuff we stopped. Later he passed away and I was not able to start again. I have moved to a new house where I finally have space to set it up again.  I haven't bought new rails, trains or other equipment since. I am using the control 80f, the keyboard and Interface. I want to control it using the computer eventually. I am looking into rocrail.
I am not sure if I should modernize my equipment before starting.   The unit works, I am not sure at what stage I will need to do it to be able to continue.

During the building I will also replace parts of the plan with c-rails.




I added a place to store 2 locs and some wagons.


It looks quite interesting, I like the hidden storage.
However, you should check the slopes, they might be too steep in some areas.
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I think I made some improvements to make it easier and I corrected I think the elevation of the tracks.

I am not sure how I can create baseplates with correct elevation.

I am puzzling where I should make parking places but still keep enough place for scenery. 


Waaaay too busy for my taste, but it IS your layout...
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