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Introduction to me and my project

Started by IanFutter, July 10, 2024, 12:35:08 PM

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Hello to all I was asked to introduce myself so I shall.
My name is Ian and alongside work and a big family I have an on going project to eventually get a single garage sized circuit layout in 00 guague and DCC working featuring a mine, turntable and brewery.

My question to my fellow modellers is does anyone have a layout for Anyrail that would work for a approximate size area of 2.7m by 5.5m give or take.

At one end I shall have the Mine featuring two Faller mine models and rear raised bank, and then the other a turn table.

Any ideas welcome :).


Welcome, Ian.

I don't know of any appropriate designs, but I'd wager that others do.  Or might assist in creating one. :D

Where is the door?  Car-sized door on a short side?  People-sized door on a long side?  Do you want unobstructed entry, a duck-under, or some sort of draw bridge?

Anything else in the garage?

Happy railroading!