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Update 7.0.13 Layer issue

Started by Toolmandan, July 10, 2024, 07:19:33 PM

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Just finished updating to version 7.0.13.  When I opened the layout I'm currently working on, the upper layers are  no longer showing the tracks laid on top of that layer. It only seems to affect the upper layers.  They come up solid and block everything below them. I tried adjusting the Height of the layers, but it has no effect. I can turn the layer off and the track is there, but you can no longer distinguish between layers.  The file still works on the latest version 6 program. I attached the file for you info.  Hope I explained that ok.

Thank You,


The problem is that you had your surfaces set as 'Height contour'. These are drawn depending on their height in version 7 and cover the track. I've changed these to regular surfaces in version 6, so you should now be able to open it normally in version 7 as well.
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it is because you had the "height contour" box selected for the the shape you were using for the backround/tabletop. open the plan in the previous version and uncheck this box then save and open in the new version. Or delete and redraw using new tools. surfaces are now seperated into Shapes, tabletops and height contours.


That works. Thank you for the info.