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Started by John R, April 12, 2008, 04:30:26 PM

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John R

Hello one and all.  Since I am new here, thought I'd introduce myself.
My name is John, and have been model railroading for several years, however it has been mostly thinking about it more than anything else.
I live in Antelope, Ca., a suburb of Sacramento.
My interest to this point has been strictly Fleischmann product. A quick explanation for this is that between 1958 and 1962 my father was in the USAF stationed in Woodbridge, England.  During that time he went TDY to Germany a lot, and while there purchased Fleischmann model RR equipment, and never set it up while we were overseas.  After returning to the US, he made a gigantic layout which was 24' X 16', with an upper rail along the back of the track.  Of course the house we lived in had the room, so it was a really nice setup with excellent quality product...ALL FLEISCHMANN
My inventory consists of 113 pieces of rolling stock, 13 locomotives, and about 2,000 feet of track with all of the switches, uncoupers, etc. that anyone could want.
My father passed away about 17 years ago and I inherited all of the train stuff he had gathered, and have added some to it in the past couple of years.
Unfortunately I do not have the room for such a large set up, and have a 8 X 16 foot one now, that in my opinion just isn't right.
As a result of a lot of thought and visions of the future, I have decided to disassemble what I have, inventory it and sell the complete lot.  I will use the cash from selling what I have to re-invest in newer N gauge, and will make a new layout to fit the area I have.
As you can see, I am sort of "just starting" and after looking at RTS Software as well as WinRail have decided that AnyRAIL is what I will be using. It appears to be much easier to use, and this coming payday will see me registering it.   Looks like a GREAT product!

I am also glad to find a forum such as this as the people here appear to be genuinely interested in the model rr community and helping with their product.

I will be around...



Hi John,

You're very welcome here!

It's true that Fleischmann is one of the best known brands in this part of the world. They also have N gauge piccolo, but I'm sure you knew that.
There always used to be this Märklin/Fleischmann rivalry here, but now, as other competitors such as Roco have entered this market, things are changing.

Indeed, most of us here have a history with trains. For myself, as the founder/owner, I've always had a layout, from childhood onwards, as my grandfather had a toy store with a whole floor for model railroading.

Anyway, feel free to ask. Apart from the commercial needs, we develop the product along the lines that our users want.
So if there's enough demand for a particular feature, we tend to add it to AnyRail.

David Hoogvorst. Founder and Owner of DRail Software. Creator of AnyRail.

John R

Thanks David.  Yeah, Felischmann has always been the cream of the crop to me, but is sort of difficult to find here and when you do it is very expensive.  Once I get some kind of a layout started I will probably get some Fleischman fo run on the N gauge.
I am thinking of going with Atlas code 83 or 55m but havent decided yet.  Can you give me any input as to the overall workability of it with other brands of rolling stock and locomotives.   I have had difficulties running other than Fleischman on Fleischman track even though I have converted most of my track to nickle/silver flex-track.

Question about AnyRail.... If I find a layout that someone else has designed and it is in HO scale, is there a way to have AnyRail convert it to what I will be using, or is it a manual type of thing?