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Peco Code 80 Setrack crossing error

Started by Wingnut, April 15, 2008, 11:52:04 PM

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I just tried putting together the layout I sent earlier from the Peco book Setrack track plans. A total disaster with three places where track does not align (station, inner loop and outer loop). 'Nuff sed! They really should get their act together. Anyway, thanks David for making sure Anyrail reflects reality.

Best wishes,
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I stumbled across this thread while having a hard time getting my layout pipe dreams to work.  Peco now seem to have introduced handed crossings (see lin).  Are we going to get them in any rail soon?



Chris (and Wingnut),

i assure you that this Peco situation is, sadly, not totally uncommon in N scale (and possibly other scales?). Atlas has a number of freaky geometries that it seems to think will result in good trackwork in their code 80, especially. Just as with Peco, they don't make a crossing that will allow a straight fit double crossover. Either the crossing is off or the turnouts are off by 1.5
degrees or so, at least. It's been annoying me for some time.
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@DJL: Yes, they will be added soon.

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