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unknown peco reference

Started by StepH, January 29, 2011, 11:43:55 AM

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Dear all,

For my son, I take my old train H0 stuff, and to create the optimum layout I'm using anyrail.

This is a great toot, the user experience is excellent, we just enjoy using it.

Unfortunately I've an issue which stop me using the full potential of the tool to create the unforgottable layout! (at least from my son perspective ;))

The issue is the following, I've Lima cod 100 stuff and found all references not the exact code but measure and angle are ok, however I've some peco turnout code 100 with a length of 178mm which doesn't exist in the libraries.
Questions :
- is there additional library of rail ?
- is it possible to create additional custom turnout...
- does anyone had the same issue and is there a turnaround ?

Many thanks for your advice