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LargeScale Structures (1:13 through 1:29)

Started by RhB_HJ, February 27, 2011, 08:23:48 PM

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Hi all,

This is just one of my sneaky tests.

1. Scan the footprint from the catalogue

2. Save as JPG 24Bit RGB file and crop exactly to the max. outlines of the structure.

3. Follow Jeff's instructions

Quote from: Jeff on December 22, 2010, 11:28:55 AM
I hope I cover this correctly. First off, here is the procedure for importing a graphic into AR-

1- Create a basic shape as a Surface (using Lines/Surfaces)

2- Click to select the Surface

3- Click the Load image... button in the Ribbon

4- Go through the usual thing of picking the file from your hard drive.

As for your second question about why it won't import a .bmp image, I don't know. I tried it and also couldn't get it to work. This feels like a bug, to me, since it loads .jpg's without a second look.

I would only add: make it a large surface to import to.

4. Resize the outline of the surface to the image.

5. Resize the image to the size of the model, in this case 808mm long.

Upload for all to use.  8) 8)

PS and for those with extra time on their hands, look at the picture in the catalogue and colour the foot print to your taste or impression.

I have a question: how does one access (add to) the libraries in AnyRail?
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