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My workflow when adding man-made structures in a *.any file.

Started by RhB_HJ, March 05, 2011, 09:06:35 PM

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Hi all,

This is how I do it:

1. Draw the structure in CADrail - any thing I design is based on millimeter units. I need the CRW files for different purposes.  ;)

2. Export as a BMP or DXF file to COREL Draw or PhotoPaint. Embellish and modify as desired/required (the sky's the limit ::) ;D)

3. Save as a JPG file, compressed to the maximum that will still look reasonably good when viewed in 1:1!

4. In AnyRail design a surface approximately large enough for the image.

5. "Load Image"

6. "Adjust Outline"

7. Adjust either the width or the height dimension to the 1:1 dimension of the object.

8. "Adjust Outline" again.

9. Add description to the object — place inside the object to avoid additional clutter.

10. Highlight (select) object and "Group".

11. Copy and paste to the AnyRail drawing(s) which contain(s) your structure collection(s).

Hans-Joerg Mueller
Coldstream, BC   Canada

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