Adding lines and surfaces

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To add a line


TIP: You can also right-click on the work area, and select Add line from the popup menu.

To add a surface


To add a point to the line or surface


TIP: You can add a point by hovering over the line and pressing 'p'.

To delete a point


TIP: To quickly delete a point, click it and press 'Delete'.


To move a point

Simply drag the point to move it.

Sometimes you need to precisely position a point, e.g. if you're drawing your train table.

To position a point



You can create round or curved corners for points that have neighboring points. The points at the end of the line cannot be set to round or curved.

A round corner is a perfect arc. A part of a circle.

A curved corner is a curve halfway to each neighboring point.



For an overview of all available functions, please see the Reference Guide.

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