Basic handling

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Some libraries contain “flex track”, designed to be bent, stretched and trimmed. You can do this to AnyRail flex track by using the control points. These are the little crosses that appear at either end of a piece, and on either side of it. Dragging the control point changes the track.


AnyRail checks the track as you shape it and paints it red if:

You over-stretch it

You bend it into overly tight curves (likely to derail a train)

Of course, these features can be switched off (The AnyRail SETTINGS tab).

To connect flex track

Connect flex track in the usual way by dragging it near another part.

Drag one of the outer control points onto another endpoint.



AnyRail smoothes out the curves of the resulting track.

TIP: Pressing SHIFT while dragging a control point keeps it in a straight line.

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