Generating pictures

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You can either create a picture of whatever is in view, or of the complete plan.

The resolution of the resulting picture depends on the view scale that you have set.

If pictures get too large, choose another view scale.

To generate pictures (.gif, .bmp, .jpg .tiff or .png)

1.If required change the view scale. The scale slider is in the lower right corner of the status bar.

2.Use the scroll bars to get the exact picture you want if you need to crop the layout.

3.From the Ribbon FILE tab, select Export As, then in the right pane, click Picture.
A window appears:


4.Click OK.
A standard File window opens.

5.Save the file in the required graphics format.


WARNING: THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS SAVING YOUR TRACK PLAN! These pictures cannot be reloaded into AnyRail.

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