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The SHOW tab contains functions to control what's currently displayed.



Show only a single line for the track.


Show the track. The outer lines of what's drawn are the actual rails.


Draw Track with sleepers. The sleepers have the actual width, but not the actual position and distance from each other.


Show the roadbed of the track. The actual width of the sectional elements is used here. Make sure to tick this box if you want to check if the track fits on the baseboard, and does not overlap.


Show a trace of the given Width under all track. This can be used to check clearances.


Width of the trace.

Hidden track

Show all track labeled Hidden. This is dotted track in tunnels, hidden staging yards, etc.

Visible track

Show all track not labeled Hidden. This is all track in plain sight.

Track ends

Show clear boundaries between the sectional track elements.


Show the label for each part.

Part number

Show a part number on each track element. The software tries to scale the font down on smaller parts. If this is not possible, the track number won't show.

Section name

Show the name of the section. This only shows when there's enough room. The software determines a position and orientation for the text.

Section usage

Show the usage of the section. This shows only when there's enough room.

Slope percentage

This shows the percentage of the gradient (if any). 1% means one unit of descent/ascent per 100 units of distance, e.g. 1 cm per meter. When the slope is too steep, this percentage will be shown in red. See Settings to set the maximum slope.

Height on slopes

Show the height, but only on slopes.

Height on plains

Show the height, but only on  plains. The height is only shown here and there.

Lines and surfaces

Show lines and surfaces.


Show texts.


Show rulers.


Show glue indicators.


Show the pages as the layout would be printed in the current view scale.


Show circle center point for curved flex track.

Lower limit

Only show all elements with a height of at least this value. Together with the Upper limit, his allows you to define a horizontal slice of your layout.

Upper limit

Only show all elements with a height below this value.

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