SURFACES tab and menu

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The SURFACES tab is only available when a surface, or one of its points is selected. A general explanation is here.

The popup menu is available when you right-click a point or a surface.

Point functions



Popup menu



The x coordinate of this point (left to right).


The y coordinate of this point (top to bottom).

Move point

Move only this point.

Move surface

Move the whole surface.

Normal corner

The corner defined by the neighboring points.

Round corner

A perfect arc.

Curved corner

An elliptic corner.

Delete point

Delete the current point.

Add point

Add a point close to the current point.

Surface functions



Popup menu



Delete the surface.


Glue the surface to avoid moving it by accident.


Rotate the surface.


Mirror the surface.


Select to move the surface to another layer.

Send to back

Send this surface to the back of all elements with the same height.

Send backward

Send this surface one step back relative to all elements with the same height.

Bring to front

Bring this surface on top of all the elements with the same height.

Bring forward

Bring this surface one step further to the top relative to all elements with the same height.

Line width

Set the drawing width of the outline.

Table top

Check to make this part of the train table. This affects the 3D view.


Put this surface in the background.

Line color

Set the drawing color of the line.

Fill color

Set the fill color of the surface.


Slide to set the transparency of the surface.

Normal corners

Set all corners to normal.

Round corners

Set all corners to perfect arcs.

Curved corners

Set all corners to elliptical curves.

Rounded points

Round the points (for larger outline widths).


Set the height of the surface. A surface has one height, it can not be tilted. All surfaces are drawn before the track is drawn.

Save as object

Create a user object from the selected surfaces.

Load image

Load an image to fill the surface.

Remove image

Remove the image that fills the surface.

Width, Height, Angle

Set the size of the image (in your measurement units), and the orientation.

Maintain aspect ratio

Keep the aspect ratio of the original image.

Adjust outline

Recalculates the surface outline so it fits the picture exactly.

Add point

Add point at cursor.


Group selected elements.


Ungroup this group.

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