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Any element or selection of elements can be rotated.

Method 1

1.Select the elements. A selection box with a handle appears.

2.Use the handle to rotate the selection with the mouse.


NOTE: If the handle is red, the selection cannot be rotated. Usually this is caused by glued items.


Method 2

1.Select the elements. Depending on what you select, various extra tabs appear on the Ribbon:

2.Click Rotate.
A new window appears:

3.Enter an angle or use the slider. Your selection rotates as you change the angle.
You can also use the buttons to rotate a certain number of degrees. The 0 button resets the rotation to the start position.

4.Click OK.


Using the slider will change the angle in full degrees. However, the angle may be changed an arbitrary amount by entering a value in the edit box, i.e. 23.7.


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