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Use the SETTINGS tab to change the overall settings of the software.

AnyRail remembers settings between sessions, but also saves them with each layout.


Measurement system

Choose from cm, mm, inches with fractions or decimals.


Set the display accuracy of all values.


The length of the work area on screen. Make it somewhat larger than your train table.


The width of the work area on screen. Make it somewhat larger than your train table.


Show a grid.


Size of a square of the grid.


Put the grid underneath everything else.


The drawing size of an endpoint. An endpoint is the outer end of a piece of track.


The drawing size of a connection. The connection is the circle denoting that two pieces of track are connected.

Control point

The drawing size of the control points. These are the points to manipulate flex track and lines.

Alert on flex too long

When checked, overstretched flex appears red.

Alert on too sharp curves

When checked, too-tightly curved flex appears red.

Minimum radius

Radius used for determining when Alert in too sharp curves triggers.


The maximum distance allowed allowed between connecting endpoints.


The maximum angle allowed between connecting endpoints.

Maximum %

The maximum percentage allowed on slopes.


Automatically connect track when endpoints are close enough.

Allow mixed rails

When checked, any track with the same gauge will connect. Uncheck to make sure you use the correct transition track.

Snap to grid

Makes lines and surfaces snap to an underlying grid. The left upper point of the line or surface is aligned with the grid.


The underlying grid size for Snap to grid. If the size is very small, the grid will work but not be displayed fully.



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