Specifying heights

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There are various ways to create a slope, or set the height of track.

As it can be on a slope, a piece of track doesn't necessarily have a single height. AnyRail works out the height based on the track's endpoints and connections.

You can specify a certain height for a stretch of track, and then ease the connected track into sensible gradients.

AnyRail will show a warning if slopes are too steep.

TIP: If your tracks cross, make sure you leave enough headroom for the lower train, and any possible overhead lines! Bear in mind the thickness of the tracks, the sleepers, and the actual bridge.

To set selected track to a certain height




To specify a height for a point

This function is useful when you want to set the height of an individual point.

1.Right-click the point (this is an endpoint or a connection), and select Set Height....
Alternatively, select the point by left-clicking it, and in the Ribbon TRACK tab, select Set Height...

2.Set the height.

3.Click OK.


To create a slope

This function creates a slope starting from a connection or an endpoint.

1.Right-click the point (this is an endpoint or connection), and select Create slope....




To create a smooth slope

Sometimes, it's useful to create a slope between two points, where AnyRail calculates a linear descent percentage. This is called a smooth slope.

There are a few restrictions when creating a slope from point A to point B.

All the track on the slope should be connected.

There should be only one 'path' from A to B.

The path may go through turnouts and crossings, but the path may not split to a third point.

Point A and point B must be on a regular straight or curve, not a turnout or a crossing.

NOTE: This feature works best when A and B have a different height!





To set the maximum percentage for slopes

All gradients exceeding this value are diplayed in red.

1.Open the Ribbon SETTINGS, and locate Slopes.


2.Set the Maximum percentage.



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