The Layers pane

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Maintain your layers using the Layers pane.

From this pane, you can add, delete, and rename layers. You can also pick which layers are visible.


To add a layer



To remove a layer

In the layers pane, click the little red cross to delete a layer.

CAUTION: Deleting a layer deletes all the elements it contains! If you press Delete layer by accident, you can always use Undo (Ctrl-Z).

To rename a layer

In the layers pane, double click the layer name so you can edit it.

NOTE: AnyRail makes sure that each layer has a unique name.

To make a layer visible or invisible

In the layers pane, click the lamp in front of the layer name.



NOTE: You cannot make the current layer invisible.

NOTE: The current layer is bold and has a green background.

TIP: Click a layer name to make it the current layer.

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