AnyRail Frequently asked questions.


Q:You don't seem to be answering to my support request. Why?
A1: If you use Outlook, your reply address may be incorrect due to a bug in the desktop version of Outlook. We get a weird reply address, such as: When we reply to such an address, the message will not be delivered. Here's more information on this annoying problem: Microsoft support.
A2: SpamArrest users: We cannot afford to have a lawyer check every email we send out, or to pay damages of USD 2,000 for every email that SpamArrest objects to. For this reason, we will NOT be verifying any emails from SpamArrest. If you proceed to contact us via a SpamArrest account, please make sure you first pre-authorize our email address.


Q: My license does not work. Why?
A: Make sure to not only enter your license key exactly as you received it in your license email, but also your name. Your name needs to match exactly what we've registered, with the same interpunction, spaces and upper and lowercase letters.

Q: Does my AnyRail 2, 3 or 4 license key work for AnyRail version 6?
A: No, but you can get an upgrade at a reduced price. Please go here. Customers that have purchased a license for version 5 can upgrade for free.

Q: Can I use my license key on my laptop as well?
A: Yes, you can. The license is strictly personal, meaning you can't share it, but you can use it on more than one PC.

Help, files overwritten with newer version!

Q: I installed version 6 of AnyRail, but found out that my license for version 4 and 5 is not valid for it. Unfortunately, I've overwritten my AnyRail 5 files with AnyRail 6, so they can't be opened in AnyRail 5 anymore. What now?
A: Indeed, if you've overwritten your files with version 6 of AnyRail, you can't open them with AnyRail 5. That's why AnyRail 6 makes a backup of your AnyRail 5 version file. To find this backup, start AnyRail 5, then go to File/Help/Autosave folder. Here, you'll find your original AnyRail 5 file, extended with a '5' and a time stamp. Please open the file, and save it to its original place again.

Nothing happens

Q: When I start the program nothing happens at all.
A: Please start the program while holding down SHIFT on your keyboard. This resets it and should normally fix this problem.


Q: How do I set the language of the program?
A: The software is multi-lingual, and you can change the user language from within the program. To do so, start the program and click 'Languages'. From the drop down list, select your preferred language.


Q: Where can I find the AnyRail manual?
A: You can find the latest version of the on line manual here. Printable manuals are here.


Q: How do updates work?
A: You can always update your software by downloading the latest version and installing it. If you're on line, depending on your settings, AnyRail periodically checks for updates. The installation procedure will check for an existing version of the software on your computer and updates it if necessary. Both licensed and unlicensed versions can be updated in this way. You can always open older layout plans in newer versions of the software.